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Birthdate:Jun 7
Location:Florida, United States of America Fics
Best known as "SeraphJewel" among fanfic communities, this aspiring author has been on LJ since 2003 and has recently migrated to DW. Feel free to read her writing on!

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acting, adam monroe, airships, akira kurosawa, aliens, angels, anime, arthurian legends, astrology, astronomy, asuka langley sohryu, ben 10, ben tennyson, bones, books, breaking bad, buffy the vampire slayer, caesar silverberg, cats, charmed, chobits, chocolate, chronicles of narnia, chrono cross, chrono trigger, classical music, coraline, cordelia chase, cowboy bebop, cowboys, doctor who, dollhouse, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, drawing, dreams, fairies, fairy tales, fantasy, fatal frame, fiction, final fantasy, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vi, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy xii, final fantasy xiii, firefly, flying, fruits basket, fullmetal alchemist, ghosts, good omens, greek mythology, gunslinger girl, harry potter, heroes, history, hobbits, horses, howl's moving castle, illyria, japan, joss whedon, kingdom hearts, legend of zelda, lezard valeth, literature, lord of the rings, lost, luna lovegood, magic, makoto kino, manga, marvel comics, mass effect, michael lee, miyazaki, movies, musicals, mythology, narnia, neil gaiman, neville longbottom, ninjas, norse mythology, once upon a time, outlaw star, paige matthews, percy jackson, peter pan, peter petrelli, phoebe halliwell, photography, pirates, princess mononoke, psychology, ravenclaw, reading, rei ayanami, rei hino, remus lupin, robin sena, rpgs, sailor moon, samurai 7, samurai jack, seifer almasy, selphie tilmitt, shakespeare, singing, sirius black, spike, spike spiegal, spirited away, suikoden, suikoden 2, suikoden 3, suikoden 5, superheroes, swimming, terra branford, the hunger games, the lion king, the vampire diaries, theater, valkyrie profile, vampires, video games, vincent valentine, witch hunter robin, wizard of oz, wizards of waverly place, writing, zell dincht
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